Caffeine Levels LOW Warning! - Ceramic Mug 11oz

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Caffeine Level LOW! Please recharge…


Have you ever seen someone with low caffeine levels before? They can get cranky… When this happens, its best to:

  1. Keep your distance (DANGER!)
  2. Brew some coffee
  3. Use it as a peace offering (Woh! We dodged that bullet!)

Yes, let’s be honest: everyone knows a caffeine addict (or as we prefer to say, caffeine enthusiast) in their life, and this is the perfect mug for them!




Good To Know:

  • Our mugs are dishwasher safe (YASSS!)
  • They are made from white ceramic (no nasties)
  • They are 11oz (The perfect size!)

As each mug is made individually just for you when you order it, please allow 2-7 business days for us to make and ship it to you (or your caffeine enthusiast). Thank you!